Personally, I've never really understood why people have political yard signs or bumper stickers. I think it's even weirder when they don't remove them years after the election. Oh hey, driver ahead of me, you didn't use your blinker and you cut off the guy in the next lane, but look at you, you were a Ron Paul supporter in 2012. Good for you, guy.

I don't know, maybe I'm just sick of election season. You know, in most other countries, a campaign for an election lasts like 2 months? How did we get to the point in America where it's a never-ending news cycle that lasts for 2 years? And then as soon as it's over, you gotta start prepping for the next one.

But we're almost at the finish line, with Election Day in just a couple of weeks, and apparently some people in Missoula are actually reporting that their political yard signs are being stolen off their lawns, with one Missoulian even capturing the theft on video.

I mean, I thought it went without saying, but don't steal stuff off of people's lawns, you know? Even if those people have political beliefs that you severely disagree with. You know what you do? You go to vote in the next election.

Which, by the way, you don't even have to wait until Election Day. In Montana, you can actually get your vote in RIGHT NOW if you feel like it. Get it out of the way! Vote as soon as you can - believe me, it'll definitely have more impact than stealing someone's sign from their yard.

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