Last month, 173 property owners in the Missoula Slant Streets neighborhoods received a letter from the city.  It let them know about a proposed project to build sidewalks and curbs on their property.

Some assessments were for tens of thousands of dollars - one as high as $32,882.

Said city engineer Kevin Slovarp. “Those estimates are exactly that -- they’re estimates that we’ve collected out in the field.”

If the city council approves the project, they’ll take bids from contractors. He says the estimated costs will likely decrease once they select a contractor.

If a property owner has an assessment under $1,000 the work would be paid for by the city.  For those with an assessment, the city will subsidize up to $16,500.  For example, a $20,000 assessment would leave the owner paying $3,500 of the bill.

With assessments totalling more than $20,000, the owner could still face a large bill, with financing options available.

People who received letters are encouraged to voice their concerns at the Public Works Committee meeting on Dec. 12.

The city council will hold a public hearing and possibly vote on the project on Dec. 17.

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