A lot of people are struggling right now. I was amazed to see some of the numbers that the Missoula Food Bank provided around the holidays when it came to how many people were using the services of the food bank this year. You can visit their website to see the different services they offer if you or someone you know is in need.

And a Montana Right Now article is sharing the details about another service that is helping provide food to those in need in Missoula. You might be familiar with Soil Cycle for some of the different events they hold throughout the year or the education and recycling they provide with compost services. Did you know that if you're still dealing with your Christmas tree and need to find a way to get rid of it - they can help with that?

Soil Cycle has introduced a free produce stand for the community. The idea is that grocery stores, farmers, and individuals could provide their extra produce as a way to help those in need. And even though the initial idea was produce - they're accepting donations of non-perishable food items as well. You can find the stand on South 1st Street S. between Soil Cycle and Free Cycles.

They would love to be able to keep the shelves stocked and are looking for any additional donations. Learn more about Soil Cycle, or contact them for information on how to make donations HERE.

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