I have in the last year really taken a liking to traditional archery and have been finding all kinds of great resources and help along the way.

From the tradbow group that I join once in awhile, to great archery shops this town and area is full of assistance and learning tools for archers. Plus there are a ton of 3D shoots to join and practice.

As a matter of fact Straight 6 Archery in Missoula has a showcase starting this Thursday which features KUIU, a leading brand for hunters, and during this show they have some great learning tips for example, they will be talking about Nuyarn the highest performing merino wool ever created... never knew that but that is one of the many things they will have as far as learning and growing in this great sport. Getting info from people who are in the- know is the best.

Also there are hunters ed and bow safety courses and info galore with Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks. Plus there a number of memberships for archers at different ranges here in the area.

Also Facebook and social media have been a huge tool for me as well. Asking questions, sharing info and just networking.





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