It is one of my favorite summertime road trips. Taking the kid to Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho. With some of the coolest coasters in the PNW, plus Boulder Beach water park, it is the perfect spot for summertime fun. When the sun starts getting too hot to handle the theme park, you simply go take a break in the wave pool. I don't even get me started on the air conditioned comfort of the magic show theater/pizza parlor.

Silverwood is home to some old school wooden coasters, like Timber Terror and Tremors. But, Silverwood has also been adding more "modern" coasters to the list of attractions. Like the 191 foot "Aftershock" coaster. This is one coaster I have yet to ride. Mostly because it just looks flat out terrifying. Not to mention it recently experienced a malfunction.

According to Montana Right Now

Silverwood confirmed that the popular 'Aftershock' rollercoaster, which has multiple loops and steep drops, got stuck about 80% of the way up tower two of the ride. Park officials believe the issue was due to a communication error from one of the coaster's sensors, causing the ride to stop.

The park also said that riders were stuck for roughly 20 minutes before maintenance crews were able to lower the ride down to one of the evacuation platforms and move the riders to safety. 

So I ask myself, is this going to prevent me from riding "Aftershock?" No. It sounds like the sensors that caused the ride to stop are just safety features that prevent catastrophic breakdowns. I will still walk up to the coaster and try to convince myself that this year is the year....Or maybe next year.

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