Olympics traditionalists will cringe. But hey, it sounds like you're just not the target audience anymore.

There may be another new event, mon ami. The International Olympic Committee's executive board has recommended adding breakdancing to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The full IOC membership will be meeting in June, and a final decision must be made by December of this year if we want to see boom boxes and really baggy jeans along side our table tennis heroes by 2024.

There's nothing new about adding new sports. In fact the 2020 games in Tokyo will be introducing skateboarding, sports climbing and surfing. The Olympic Committee sees more youthful and urban sports as new opportunities to connect with the young generation.

Well, here's hoping the U.S. can field an awesome team for this new addition, not to be confused with New Edition. They were pretty good breakdancers, weren't they?

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