I can't say I have an extensive background when it comes to guns and shooting. I did do some pretty good damage to some pop cans in the fields of Nebraska while visiting my dad a time or two. There's that one time I did try skeet shooting and ended up having a pretty successful performance. Oh, and way back in the day I was pretty quick on the draw with the Nintendo gun when it came to playing a mean game of Duck Hunt. I guess my point is that I'm not exactly what you would call a gun expert. But I did come across this event on Facebook an it looked like it could be a great way for anyone that was interested to get an introduction to shooting.

Shoot Like A Girl. Ever heard of them? Their website describes it as an organization that empowers women in the hunting and shooting industries. One of the cool things they do is take a semi around the country and allow women to experience shooting with a built-in target range (ok, they'll even let the guys get in on the fun as well.) It looks pretty cool and it's designed for new and experienced shooters alike. Those without experience can give shooting a try, while others can check out equipment and get instruction.

Shoot Like A Girl will be at Cabela's in Missoula on Saturday (6/6) and Sunday (6/7) beginning at 9 AM each day.

Here's how they describe things on the Facebook event page.

It's FREE! It's SAFE! It's FUN! Ladies, stop by Shoot Like A Girl - SLG2's mobile range Saturday, June 6th from 9a-5p and Sunday, June 7th from 9a-3p at Cabela's in Missoula, MT and shoot a pistol, rifle and bow!

If you're new to shooting or have experience, this is a great opportunity to visit with and get instruction from some of the best female certified instructors and archery coaches in the country, and compare the latest equipment on the market!

Younger girls are welcome to attend, but they must be over 16 to participate.


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