It is true that almost 80% of our planet has yet to be explored. That is because 80% of the planet is under water. Scuba divers are always finding weird things in the depths, but this one is really bizarre.

A video has recently surfaced online showing a scuba diver interrupting a underwater hand of poker. It isn't clear what lake the diver was exploring, but according to the Steele Scuba Diving YouTube page.

You never know what you'll find diving to the dark depths of a lake. In this video we come across four skeletons chilling at a table with poker cards and liquor! We discover these guys using the awesome Orcatorch D530 dive light. With over 1000 Lumens, you can't go wrong bringing this on any dive!

Check it out for yourself. I think the skeleton in the snorkel is bluffing.


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