School District One recently passed a technology levy to provide new computers and software for its public schools. Now they need $5 to $7 million more to help all that technology work together.

Director of Communications and Technology Hatton Littman says it's all part of the "Smart Schools 2020' initiative, to bring all Missoula District One schools to a point where computers can be networked together to provide broadband connections throughout the district.

"In November of 2015, just a little less than a year from now, voters are going to have the opportunity to see a bod package on the ballot to support infrastructure improvements in all of our school buildings," Littman said. "In all of our buildings, we need wiring and switch updates to make all those devices that we're putting in students' hands to work better."

Littman said the money from the bond will provide improvements to every school in the district, from elementary through high school.

"There are three elements to the bond," she said. "One is technology infrastructure, another is safety and security, and the third is revitalizing and renovating key learning spaces where classrooms just haven't been touched for over 50 or 60 years."

Littman said the technology infrastructure costs will be between $5 to $7 million.

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