Oh ya baby, it's about that time of year when roller coasters start to run backwards and scary creatures pop out from every crevice to scare the bejeezus out of you!

Say goodbye to the theme park you thought you knew and get ready to scream your head off at one of the BEST Halloween thrills of the season! Silverwood is about to make it's terrifying transformation into Scarywood! Some may say the new scare zone is like a walking talking screaming nightmare... but better!

If getting the crap scared out of you is your thing, Listen To Win tickets to Scarywood starting in September on 107.5 ZooFM, 94.9 KYSSFM, 96.3 The Blaze and ALT 101.5! 

WHAT: Scarywood Theme Park

  • Silverwood Theme Park
  • 27843 N Highway 95, Athol, Idaho 83801

SCARYWOOD OPENING WEEKEND: Sept. 29th - Sept. 30th and every weekend until Oct. 28th, 2017.

For ticket info. checkout scarywoodhauntednights.com, or click HERE!


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