Scammers go where the action is.  And the real estate market is hot.  If you're a potential homebuyer there's a new scam you should be aware of.

The Better Business Bureau says Montanans have been tricked and lost money to scammers pretending to be trusted real estate agents.

The crooks are taking over email accounts of real estate agents. Then they send emails to their clients asking them to wire a payment.  It seems like a legitimate request but the money of course is going straight into the wrong hands.

Hannah Stiff with the Better Business Bureau offered this tip to avoid losing money.

“Always double check. Call your financial institution always call your agent or realtor and say hey just want to confirm that you did say to wire this much money for the down payment to “xyz” entity. Double check before you send that much money or any money,” Stiff said.

See the news story from KPAX in the video above.

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