As we entered the weekend there were talks about a potential summer storm that could pass through, I didn't expect to lose power though. Luckily the power crews working on Saturday were prepared, as my power was restored within 10 minutes of going out. The wind, lighting and thunder all made for a pretty intense storm, although it was nice that it passed by quickly.

As the lights flickered and we eventually lost power Savannah and I debated on what to do. We decided to quit staring at our phones and we started playing board games. It started with a couple hours of Monopoly. It's almost not fair to play Monopoly with my wife as it is one of her favorite games so she always wins, I think she was playing nice and let me win on Saturday night. The we started playing the board game Sorry.

It was just a nice change of pace to quit looking at our phones or laptop to play some board games and spend some time with our dogs. Our dogs weren't big fans of the lightening and thunder. It was also nice that the storm brought some rain to help water the grass. Sometimes you just have to focus on the positive things that are happening. :)


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