It's hard to even imagine what the surge of adrenaline going through this guy's body at the time of the attack must have been like.

AP tells us that a man is recovering from wounds he received while fighting off and killing a mountain lion that attacked him during a trail run. Two things: since he was a runner, let's assume pretty decent physical condition and the mountain lion being a juvenile both probably factored into his advantage.

The incident occurred near Colorado Springs. The man was running alone and attacked from behind. The story was unclear as to whether he had some form of weapon such as a knife to aid in his defense, or if this was strictly hand-to-paw combat. Nevertheless, he fought off the cougar, hiked out of the area and drove himself to the hospital. He was treated for cuts and puncture wounds along with a wrist injury.

Authorities later found the dead animal near several of the runner's belongings. I'll bet he is feeling lucky to be alive today.


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