The Missoula Marathon is one of the biggest annual events in Missoula, and its cancellation this year was a rough one for many reasons - the impact the event has on the town's economy, the excitement of being there on race day and seeing people cross the finish line, the weeks or months of training people undergo to get in shape for the race... it was hard to believe it just wasn't going to happen this year.

But, Run Wild Missoula took the cancellation and managed to make something good come of it. In addition to allowing people to participate in their own virtual races, they also gave marathon participants the option of donating their race fees back to the race, so that they could share those donations with several local organizations.

And, that's exactly what they're doing - Run Wild Missoula will be donating a total of $23,000, spread out across several different community groups. Those organizations include the Missoula Food Bank, Missoula Youth Homes, Opportunity Resources, and the cross country programs at Big Sky, Hellgate, and Sentinel high schools. Run Wild Missoula will keep $5000 of that money for now to distribute later in the year.

It's good to see that, even though the Marathon couldn't take place this year, Run Wild Missoula is working to give back to the community, especially as so many charitable organizations are extremely busy during this difficult time. Were you planning to run the marathon in 2020? Will you be back for 2021?

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