There have been recent reports that individuals may be taking advantage of the Roaring Lion Fire to loot homes that have been evacuated. According to Ravalli County Undersheriff Steve Holton those reports are false.

"There were some rumors flying yesterday about some theft or looting in the stage 2 area. And those are false, stated Undersheriff Holton. That was a big reason we had to draw the hard-line and not let anybody in, because we really want to provide security to those evacuated homes. We do have both marked and unmarked cars in those areas."

While many deputies are dedicated to handling security around the fire, Ravalli County still needs a Sheriff’s Department to handle ongoing criminal complaints. Holton says nearby agencies are lending a helping hand.

"All week long we've actually used our partners, Hamilton City Police they've been outstanding, and have provided anybody that we need. The Missoula County Sheriff's Office has sent I think eight different times sent twelve to sixteen people down. Stevensville PD has helped out. So were doing good, all of our reserve deputies are all working shifts on road block."

One of the main priorities for the Sheriff’s department on Thursday was to assess the threat from Roaring Lion Fire and ensure citizens could return to homes in the evacuation zones as soon as possible.


    Smoke in the Missoula Skyline