It was a slightly smaller first allotment than hoped for, but more is on the way for University of Montana Phase 1A personnel.

According to UM News Services, the University of Montana began its first round of vaccinating employees who fall under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Phase 1A category for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.  Staff in UM’s Curry Health Center administered more than 100 doses of the Moderna vaccine to University employees who are considered health care personnel or have close, regular contact with COVID-positive persons as essential workers. That is, staff who work directly with patients, those who are testing students and those in health science fields. Also vaccinated were a number of their police force who are often transporting positive students.

While over 100 doses were administered, this week's vaccinations promise to increase dramatically. University of Montana Pharmacy Manager Kenneth Chatriand says that he  expects to receive about 500 Moderna vaccines this week, with plans to organize distribution for those who fall within the CDC guidelines of the vaccination phased categories.

The UM Pharmacy is owned and operated by the University’s Skaggs School of Pharmacy and is located in UM’s Curry Health Center. They are working with students staffed at the pharmacy and with UM’s College of Health programs, including nursing students at Missoula College, to organize vaccine distribution. Thanks to its robust bioscience infrastructure, research facilities and statewide network of student and alumni pharmacists, the State of Montana selected UM as an approved vaccine holding and distributor center in December, allowing UM to serve as one of Montana’s most significant vaccine distributors.

With great honor comes great responsibility. Here's wishing them the very best!


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