Everybody loves roses in one form or another, right? It could be roses on Valentine's Day, maybe it's Poison singing "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," or it could be that awesome bowling ball with the flower inside that Big Ern McCracken had in Kingpin. Roses always make me think of my grandma when I was growing up. Grandma loved her some roses. There was one rule when you stayed at her house - don't ruin the flowers in the yard! I think I'm already getting off-topic, the point is The Missoula Rose Society is holding their annual Rose Show at Southgate Mall on Saturday, July 11th.

If anybody has ever mentioned that you need to take a little time to stop and smell the roses, this is exactly what they were talking about! Okay, full disclosure, I have no idea if actually smelling the roses is frowned upon. I would guess it's more of a look but not touch......or smell.....type of event.

The following is from the Rose Show event page on Facebook:

Visit Clock Court and see the rainbow of beautiful roses on display, grown by local gardeners.


Presented by Missoula Rose Society.


Please consider wearing a mask and remember to socially distance during the event.

It's supposed to be 90 degree on Saturday. So the Rose Show is an option if you want to beat the heat and head indoors for a bit. Or, looking at roses can be your excuse if you're still looking for that reason to get over to Southgate Mall and check out the new Cinnabon location.


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