On Sunday, May 9th, a former employee of Rockin' Rudy's in Missoula took to Facebook and detailed the reason behind her decision to leave - she was consistently being sexually harassed by another employee at the store. The post went semi-viral on Facebook, and sparked a huge reaction in the comments from people looking for Rockin' Rudy's to do something about the situation.

The post goes on to detail how other women who worked at Rockin' Rudy's were subject to continued harassment by this employee, and that the store was made aware of the problem on multiple occasions while failing to do anything serious about it.

A few days passed before Rockin' Rudy's put out anything online, but the store broke its silence on Saturday, May 15th, with a lengthy statement responding to the allegations. In it, the store says that "The accused employee no longer works at Rockin' Rudy's and has not been in the store since May 9th," - the day the Facebook post went up and started spreading around.

They go on to say that they've been holding individual meetings with all current employees and are conducting an internal investigation in an attempt to try and do better to provide their employees with the best possible work environment. They also emphasize that social media is not the ideal place to start a dialogue on the subject, and that they won't be responding on these issues "on any platform on which Rockin' Rudy's participates."

Rockin' Rudy's posted again on May 16th to clarify that the accused employee is no longer working at the store.

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