For the tenth year in a row, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation registered record membership. According to Mark Holyoak, RMEF had over 234,000 members on December 31, 2018.

“We have good, strong members across Montana and really all across the country,” Holyoak said. “We have had the opportunity thanks to them and our volunteers that are out there who have raised money so they can take that money and put it back on the ground to benefit elk and elk habitat. We are really grateful for 2018 and we are really excited for 2019.”

Holyoak says RMEF has accomplished quite a bit over the years.

“The number one thing is outreach and just the fact that so many more people are becoming aware of who we are and the type of conservation work that we do,” Holyoak said. “To date, since 1984, we have protected or enhanced more than 6.4 million acres of land. We opened or improved access to more than 1.2 million acres of public land.”

In 2018 alone, RMEF opened or improved public access to over 26,000 acres in five states. They also surpassed 12,000 volunteers. Holyoak says those volunteers raised a record single-year amount of revenue.

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