Snowmobiling is a popular sport in this area, and I am just getting into it. I do not have my own sled but thanks to some great folks I have been able to get some lessons and trips anyways.

It really started with me wanting to skijore and I needed a snowmobile to pull me so I reached out to a friend and they were into it. We needed to practice and decided to take the sled up to one of the passes and take some turns. During practice I was driving too while my friend was snowboarding behind the sled and that's when I got my first taste of snowmobiling where I realized I really liked it. Then it has just increased from there.

I went out this weekend both Friday and Saturday, learning to ride and yesterday was the day I went on my own sled and drove all day myself. It was great! It was a rough day to learn due to the conditions but I still did good. I had one scary accident but ended up getting back on the horse and trying again. I did keep getting stuck and tipped the sled a few times.

I am now a fan of snowmobiling on my own and need a sled...



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