One of my favorite shows to watch on the Travel Channel was Man Vs. Food and I was super bummed when the series ended, but it was probably for the best. Host Adam Richman was probably about to die from all the food challenges he was conquering (or sometimes not). But needless to say, he went to some very notable places, including Montana.

I've only seen the Montana episode of 'Man Vs. Food' once after it aired in September 2010, and although Richman didn't make it to Missoula, Butte got a lot of great press for two restaurants.

Dave Cox/Facebook

Richman first stopped at the Freeway Tavern in the heart of Butte on Montana Street. Richman sampled Butte's famous pork chop sandwich and the Tavern's specialty, the "Wop Chop," which had a thick, deep-fried pork chop with cheese, lettuce, tomato and mustard. Wow, I want one of those.

His last stop, where he also attempted the honorary 'Man Vs. Food' challenge, Richman took a hop, skip and a jump to Trimbo's Pizza, also in Butte on Park Street.

Trimbo's Pizza/Facebook

Richman attempted the "Jumboli Challenge," which is a five-pound stromboli "stuffed with mozzarella, salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage, capicola, meatballs, spinach," and a whole lot more. Talk about a gut buster.

What other restaurants have been featured on TV shows? I'm sure I've got to missing some. Do you think any restaurant should be showcased on TV? I could think of a few...Comment your favorites below!