By my recollection, it was one of the earlier, what you would might consider "big name" franchise restaurants to open in Missoula.

Of course it featured the iconic Big Boy statue out front, the cherubic lad in checkerboard overalls, holding that great looking burger over his head. Naturally the city required him to lower his arm on hot days. And their signature burger? The Big Boy, a slightly upscale version of the Big Mac, that was simply irresistible! Far from just a burger joint, though. The traditional family restaurant menu was extensive.

I'm doing a little birthday reminiscing here today. And whether it was a Bob's or Leo's Big Boy, my memory is a bit foggy on that. But I certainly remember its location in the neighborhood I grew up in.  That location - on Stephens Avenue just a block from the Brooks and Stephens traffic light, wedged between what is now the big Town Pump complex and Rumor Restaurant just to the north of there - has seen a number of eating establishments come and go, most recently Asian cuisine atmosphere.

So, besides having a birthday flashback, why the hell am I bringing this up? :-) Well, I saw today that Big Boy is getting a museum in Ohio! It's located in Fairfax, just east of Cincinnati, at the original Frisch's Big Boy, which opened in 1939. And no, visiting it is far from being on the bucket list. Any Missoula Big Boy memories you want to share? Do the FB comment thing! And bring me a Big Boy!


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