The college football season wrapped up last night. Well, sort of. Alabama's win over Ohio State gave them another national championship - as predicted. But because of the pandemic we're going to get some extended football as the Big Sky Conference gets ready to play their six-game season. That means we'll see the Griz play their first game on Feb 27 - almost three full weeks after the Super Bowl is played this year. And make sure you have March 27 on the calendar - it's when the Griz battle Montana State. The Brawl of the Wild game might have a different feeling this year but it's still the game that everyone will have their eyes on.

I was watching the NFL playoffs over the weekend and during one of the games they were congratulating Tony Romo on being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. It's a huge deal to make any type of HOF, and of course it gets people feeling nostalgic about your career. I saw a pretty cool post on Twitter from the communications director for Grizzly athletics. It was a flashback to the year 2000 when Tony Romo quarterbacked Eastern Illinois against the Griz in a playoff game at Washington-Grizzly Stadium.

The Griz put a hurting on Romo that day with a 32 point win! That's what's so great about college football - and all sports - you watch the highlights and you would never think the guy throwing the ball would go on to spend 14 years in the NFL. Do any other games here in Missoula come to mind for featuring future NFL players on the visiting team?

Being a lifelong Seahawks fan I believe Tony Romo should also be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame - based on this one play alone.(Sorry, I have to slip those Cowboys burns in wherever I can.)

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