Stop me if this sounds familiar - it's the Griz taking on Michigan in the opening round of the NCAA basketball tournament.

After toughing out a win against Eastern Washington in the Big Sky Conference Championship game on Saturday, the Griz played a game of wait and see for their spot in the tournament.  Montana will be the No. 15 seed and they'll take on Michigan, a No. 2 seed.

If that rings a bell, it's the same scenario that played out last year for the Griz as they took on Michigan in round one.  The difference being last year was a #14 vs #3 matchup.

Montana's season ended with the loss to Michigan last year.  We'll all be rooting for the Griz to pull off the upset this time!

The game will be in Des Moines, IA on Thursday.

See highlights from last year's game in the video above.

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