The sudden unleashing of fall weather - with its rain, wind and snow in the mountains - has allowed the Ravalli County Commission to allow open burning in the Bitterroot Valley until December 1st.

The commissioners, however, are advising extreme caution to those planning any fires. For instance, the forecast for this weekend is for strong wind. That could spell disaster for any open fire.

The restrictions for this shortened open burning season are:

  • All fires must be attended.
  • Burning will only be allowed with approval of a Hot Line Number - 1-800-225-6779.
  • A water source or fire suppression must be present at the fire site.
  • Only wood waste from trees, shrubs and plants can be burned.
  • burning garbage and other types of waste is prohibited.

As of December, the usual winter-long prohibition of open burning will take effect until February of 2013.

Remember, only burn after getting approval from the Hot Line Number - 1-800-225-6779.