Rattlesnake resident, and GM of Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters, is on a mad hunt for his injured dog, Marvin. Marvin was hit by a vehicle on Rattlesnake and Lolo at about 3:30 p.m. on Monday (May 4th). He bolted from the scene and ran quite a distance. The family was unable to catch him, but he was spotted around the Peas Farm around 4 o'clock Monday by three different people. One group said that he did not look injured and was unapproachable. Another said that he may have an injured tail. The third group saw him sprinting by the soccer fields, into the Peas Farm area. There have been no reported spottings of Marvin since.

Marvin is 4.5 years old, 60lbs. His coat is short hair black and white Merle (like dark cookies and cream ice cream). Sleek, short fur. He has one blue eye and one blue/brown eye. Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog

Cole and his family also shared, "He is very scared, and if anyone sees him they should not chase or yell after him. Instead call (406) 459-7924. If he seems approachable, people should take a submissive position and offer him food. Thank you for sharing this information for us. We are heartbroken and hope for his return home."

Photo courtesy of Cole Lawrence
Photo courtesy of Cole Lawrence

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