Bring on that rain! Maybe it's just me, but I'm loving the cold, fall-like weather and rain here and there.

It was about time the smoke went away. I was starting to forget that Montana was nicknamed 'Big Sky Country.' What's more, the much needed rain will hopefully bring some relief to Montana wildfires.

Officials told NBC Montana there are two factors for determining whether the rain can help put a stop to fire season: One is the amount of rain; Second is how long it rains. Both are said to be key in helping fires slow down as well as prevent fires in the near future.

"At the very least, it will slow it down considerably and across western Montana and northern Idaho. We still have some concerns out in eastern Montana, though," said Predictive Services Meteorologist Bryan Henry. "There are parts of eastern Montana that aren't going to get as much precipitation."

Officials said that fire danger should drop considerably if the rainfall persists. However, there are still fire restrictions set.

NBC Montana said officials want to remind everyone going out for Labor Day weekend or going hunting for the opening of bow season to be extra careful.

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