Have you spent the last few months binge watching your favorite shows as a way of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic? It's OK to admit that you've powered through Tiger King and every other guilty pleasure you could find.

If you're ready for a new challenge - how about working your way through a list of country music movies? USA Today put together a list where they rank the 24 best movies for country music fans.

A look at the final days of Hank Williams Sr., Willie Nelson in his first leading role, George Strait and John Travolta classics, the life of Johnny Cash, and an Elvis movie.......there's a little something for everyone!

I will say I was surprised to see that none of The Gambler movies with Kenny Rogers were on the list - I guess because they were made-for-TV. You would think one of them might be included, not only because they're full of country music, but also because the movie has been featured in conversation lately with the passing of Rogers in March.

Take a few minutes to check out the entire USA Today list HERE. You can get a brief description of each movie, the year it was released, the cast, runtime and more.

If you just prefer the short & sweet details - here's a quick list of the rankings with the story of Loretta Lynn taking the top spot.

1.  "Coal Miner's Daughter", 1980
2.  "Walk the Line", 2005
3.  "O Brother, Where Art Thou?", 2001
4.  "Crazy", 2008
5.  "Tender Mercies", 1983
6.  "Nashville", 1975
7.  "Crazy Heart", 2010
8.  "Wild Rose", 2019
9.  "Sweet Dreams", 1985
10.  "Urban Cowboy", 1980
11.  "Blaze", 2018
12.  "A Prairie Home Companion", 2006
13.  "Loving You", 1957
14.  "Payday", 1975
15.  "Honkytonk Man", 1982
16.  "Pure Country", 1992
17.  "Georgia", 1995
18.  "Songwriter", 1984
19.  "The Thing Called Love", 1993
20.  "Honeysuckle Rose", 1980
21.  "Your Cheatin' Heart", 1964
22.  "Falling from Grace", 1992
23.  "The Last Ride", 2012
24.  "Grand Theft Parsons", 2004

What do you think of the rankings? Is there any other movie you would put on the list?


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