There's still a bit of time before Halloween to get your pumpkins for decoration or for carving. You can grab your gourds at most grocery stores, Turner Farms is open through the end of the month with the pumpkin patch, and getting one through the Pumpkins for the Pov program will see money go to the Poverello Center. Plus, Pumpkins for the Pov can deliver your pumpkins right to your doorstep - perfect for 2020!

Around my place we have a couple of big boys on display as part of the front porch decorations. My kids also have a couple smaller ones that we'll carve this week to go along with the ones they've already painted. Of course, once the fun and excitement of Halloween is gone we'll have to find a way to dispose of the pumpkins that'll be shriveling and molding away on the front steps.

I've never really given a second thought to dropping my pumpkins in the garbage can as I turn my attention to Thanksgiving. But I was reading about the Pumpkin ReHarvest events that Soil Cycle is holding and it sounds like having pumpkins end up at the dump isn't the ideal situation.

Sadly, each year after Halloween, millions of "decorative" end up in the landfill. One of the scariest parts of Halloween might just be the methane that comes off landfills when organic materials... like pumpkins are buried!

Instead, we take your pumpkins to a local farm to feed their animals nutrient rich pumpkins all winter!

Drop your pumpkins off all week during our event hours. Please donate what you can.

*no painted pumpkins

You can drop off pumpkins at the Lucky's Market event on Nov. 7th or the Imagine Nation Brewing event on Nov. 10th. And if you're wondering about the one at Imagine Nation since they've announced they're closed for the winter - I dropped them a line and they messaged back that it should take place as planned in the parking lot.

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