What is it with people not being able to completely pick up after their dogs? We have a grassy area outside our building here at the station.....and I've noticed more and more dog bombs in the grass lately. And a couple weeks ago there was a post in my neighborhood community page on Facebook - from a parent that was beyond frustrated their kids couldn't play at the small park in our cul-de-sac without stepping in something.

Just today, I stopped in to visit a friend. They live on the second floor of an apartment complex in town. One of the doors I passed had bags of dog waste sitting outside!! Eesh! C'mon now.....what is that all about? It wasn't like just a bag that someone decided to put outside with the thought of grabbing it the next time they would be walking past the complex dumpster. It was like a dozen bags - nasty! If I were Supreme Ruler of all the things - there would be a new rule - anytime your dog goes to the bathroom.....pick it up immediately and put it in the trash or be faced with immediate removal of your pet from your household.

And what Missoulian article do I happen to read after seeing that nastiness outside of a random person's apartment door today? One that begins with discussion of a note that was left on a Mount Jumbo trailhead - taking the public to task for all the dog waste that has been left on the trail. The article is full of numbers when it comes to the amount of dogs in Missoula, the negative effects of leaving your pet's waste behind, and fecal bacteria fun for the whole family. A fun read if you have a moment.

Bottom line = don't be part of the problem. If you think you're responsible enough to have a dog.....you need to be responsible enough to clean up after it. And once again I rest my case on why cats are the way to go - you don't have to follow them around and clean up after them. Come to think of it.....why aren't litter boxes for dogs a thing?

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