This past Saturday, members of Sunrise Movement Missoula protested outside of Senator Jon Tester's office after the senator voted against raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

If you're not familiar, Sunrise Movement Missoula is an activist organization in Missoula that mostly focuses on climate change, but champions several progressive causes. The protest was an attempt to make their voices heard, and emphasize the need for a livable minimum wage in Montana.

The Montana Kaimin spoke to several of the activists at the protest, who laid out the reality that a lot of people go through as a result of the current minimum wage in Montana, $8.75 an hour. Many people have to work multiple jobs and still have trouble dealing with the high rent in Missoula, especially when they are other expenses at play. They also note that income inequality disproportionately affects communities of Black or Indigenous people, and other people of color.

Will their protests work? That remains to be seen - both Montana senators, Tester and Daines, voted against the wage increase, which was turned down with a 58-42 vote. But making their voices heard is the first step, and making it known that this is something people want could go a long way.

How would you feel about a minimum wage increase in Montana? Do you think you would be for or against it? For more info about Sunrise Movement Missoula and their mission, you can visit them over at their Facebook page.

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