Otherworld Brewery & Blendery got a "thumbs up" for their plans to build a brewery that would be located less than a mile from DeSmet Public School.

The Missoula Consolidated Planning Board approved the zoning earlier this week.  The issue will be discussed by the Missoula County Commissioners on October 3rd.  After a 30 day period for public comments the plans can be approved.

The planned location on Butler Creek Rd and Goodan Lane also comes with a bit of backlash.

Safety for parents and students is already a topic of discussion.  Students having to pass the new brewery to get to school raises concern.  As does the thought of drivers who have been drinking being so close to the school grounds.

Owners of the planned Otherworld Brewery & Blendery hope to have approval by early November so construction can start on the project.

So if you were thinking to yourself, "hmm.....we could really use another brewery around here," we'll have to see what the next 60 days will bring for the newly planned business. 


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