Over the weekend I was digging a giant hairball out of the bathtub at home so I'm pretty much a plumbing expert at this point.  It's been a crazy last 120 days for the Poverello Center as they've had to deal with some plumbing issues on a much larger scale!

It's been a rough go of things for the Poverello Center.  Two sewage floods have had the men's dorm closed down for the last four months.  Talk about bad luck - as they were preparing to reopen the dorm from the first setback - it flooded again.

But some good news for the staff and visitors of the Poverello Center!  They'll be re-opening the men's dorm by Friday!

The dorm sleeps more than fifty people so it's been an adventurous couple of months to try and serve guests in the remaining space as repairs have been done to the plumbing.

It seems the issues developed because the plumbing in the building couldn't handle the volume.  Just think about the 150+ people a day that are doing laundry, showering and using the toilets - and combine that with some plumbing that wasn't best suited for the amount of usage.

The bill to repair the damage and improve the plumbing.........$240,000!  Thankfully, a combination of insurance and donations has covered the cost.

Fingers crossed the issue is fixed and there won't be any additional problems!

The Poverello Center provides food, shelter, help and hope to Missoula's homeless and huntry.  Learn more about their services, programs, ways to volunteer and more HERE!

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