We've all had to find new ways to entertain ourselves during the pandemic. If you're looking for something that can combine a craft or hobby with the ability to express some pent up rage - this might be something to check out.

Hearts Afire Pottery is holding their Potty Mouth Pottery event next weekend (9/26) and it looks pretty fun. Just picture the adult you making art pieces that the 12-year-old you would want to make!

We actually held my daughter's birthday party at Hearts Afire Pottery this year. I have to admit - it was pretty fun. Of course, we had unicorns and Barbies that day and I was surrounded by 5-year-olds. This seems like it would be a great time for the big kids to be able to get together and have a night out.

Here's all the info from the Facebook event page:

Not suitable for the easily offended. ADULTS ONLY - BYOB

This event is SO MUCH FUN!!!! You can add your choice of naughty sentiments to any piece of pottery with easy-to-use silkscreen or create your own creatively obscene piece. We provide the lesson on how to silkscreen. You decorate your pieces so they're *#%$ing beautiful. The silkscreens fit on mugs, bowls, plates, boxes, cannisters.... everything you want to display your affinity for 4-letter words. Silliness and bad words are encouraged!

Our tables are appropriately spaced and can seat up to 4 people. You will sit with the people you come with.

Masks are required at all times unless you are actively eating or drinking. We are sanitizing like crazy to keep all of us safe.

Space is limited and reservations are required. 21+ can BYOB. Light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.

$10.00 registration fee plus the cost of your project. Must be registered to attend.

$10 isn't bad. Plus you get to sip on beverages and have some fun!

Potty Mouth Pottery @ Hearts Afire Pottery.
September 26 | 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
2426 W. Central Ave. - Missoula

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