It's Critters 2, Humans 0 this week, after two scary and separate animal encounters in Montana.

A couple days ago, we let you know about the woman who was trampled by a cow moose while walking her dogs along a street in Virginia City. The mama had her calf nearby and was no doubt on the defensive, as she just suddenly appeared out of a patch of trees. The woman suffered a fractured wrist during the encounter.

Now comes word from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks that the Custer Gallatin National Forest implemented an emergency public safety closure Thursday following a bear mauling near Bakers Hole Campground, north of West Yellowstone, Montana. Sorry that we have no further details from FWP about the condition of the victim(s) and what led to the attack.

The closure includes all National Forest System lands on the east side of Highway 191 from the boundary with the town of West Yellowstone to the Transfer Station Road #6794.  The area closure is bounded on the east by Yellowstone National Park.  The area is closed to all human entry and includes the popular Boundary Trail and Bakers Hole Campground.  The campground opens for public use on May 1 annually. The area closure will remain in effect until investigators determine it is safe to re-open.

As bears become more active this spring it is important to remember to carry bear spray and have it readily accessible, hike or travel during the daylight hours, travel in groups if possible, make lots of noise and stay alert for signs of bears in the area.  Finally, never approach a bear.

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