In the pre-COVID days, The Badlander was one of Missoula's most popular spots for all kinds of events - dance parties, drag shows, Emo Night, all that good stuff. And, like everyone else, they had to shut down for a while, and then try to reconfigure how their business worked in the new world. It's gotta be tough to get people out on the dance floor when everyone is social distancing.

But in 2021, things have been slowly getting back to normal over there, and it's great to see - they've been holding dance parties throughout the summer and have some stuff on the schedule for the coming months, and now The Badlander is working to bring back one of their most popular events: karaoke!

Their original post said they were actually seeking someone to host a regular karaoke night, but they've since deleted that part. Maybe they've already filled the position?

Either way, there's not a ton of info to go on - all we do know is that Truly Karaoke will return, and that it'll be held on Wednesdays. So hopefully, we'll find out more about when it actually starts pretty soon.

Are you a fan of karaoke at the Badlander? Do you have a go-to karaoke song? My girlfriend always says hers would be "When You Were Young" by The Killers; I think my choice might by My Chemical Romance's "Teenagers."

Are you excited to see the return of karaoke at the Badlander?

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