A Missoula man is facing two felony drug possession charges for events that happened on the same day, Monday April 16th. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says police were called after a casino on Brooks Street reported spotting a suspicious car that was running in the parking lot.

"The officers responded and made contact with persons inside this vehicle. Turned out that there were three adult males: one was identified and arrested for outstanding warrants, the other two were identified and released, however, during the course of their contact and a field investigation, the officers developed suspicion that the vehicle contained dangerous drugs."

Police seized the vehicle and received a warrant to search it that afternoon.

"A search was carried out per that warrant where other dangerous drugs were located and probable cause was developed for the arrest of another male who was identified as Bradly Lane," Welsh said. "A short time after that search was completed, Mr. Lane was identified as a passenger of a vehicle that had been stopped for an unrelated reason and at that point Mr. Lane was taken into custody."

Lane reportedly had both meth and marijuana in his possession. The drugs identified in the morning incident and in the afternoon, led to the two felony drug charges.

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