I've driven past the old Coca-Cola distribution center for weeks and wondered what happened. The semi trucks I used to see were no longer coming and going and the place sat empty. I didn't realize the property on S. Third Street & Curtis was vacant and on the market to be sold. I also wasn't aware that Coca-Cola had built a monster of a 70,000 square-foot building out near the airport. But when they did, it left the old 40,000 square foot building behind with an uncertain future.

The old facility was officially sold with some of the future plans announced, according to an article from The Missoulian.

CJB Properties purchased the property. They own the land where Great Floors is - also on S. Third Street. So, at least local ownership came out of the deal. Initial plans are for a mixture of residential and commercial uses. Sovereign Hope Church of Missoula is reportedly purchasing part of the building to serve as their new location. That leaves two other commercial spaces available in the building so the area could possibly see a couple of new businesses soon. CJB also plans on adding close to 40 housing units to the property.

On one hand it's great to see plans for development and additional housing opportunities in town. On the other hand, I drive that area often and can't help but think about the added traffic to that part of Third Street.

You can read the Missoulian article HERE for more details on the purchase and plans of the old Coca-Cola facility.


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