In case you missed the memo, Pizza Hut has finally brought P'Zones back to their menu. If you don't remember what those are, they're basically the Pizza Hut version of calzones - they've been gone a long time, but now they're back in full force. And Pizza Hut is ready to give you one for free... but there's a catch.

The pizza chain is saying that it will give everyone a free P'Zone, but only if a pretty unlikely score comes up during the Final Four games of March Madness. If any of the teams overcomes a 17-point deficit to win a game, that's when Pizza Hut will cough up the goods.

You'll also need to sign up to be a Hut Rewards member before April 6th, too. Does that seem like a lot of work for a calzone you might not even get? Maybe, but it's a FREE calzone that you might not even get. I'd say it's worth a shot.

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