March Madness is in full swing right now and that means a lot of gambling is taking place. It is being reported by the American Gaming Association that Americans will wager approximately $8.5 billion on the 2019 NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Montana Attorney General Tim Fox says March happens to be Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

“The Montana Department of Justice has the Gambling Control Division,” Fox said. “We regulate gambling. Our investigators and others see firsthand what can happen with problem gambling. There is a group called the Montana Council on Problem Gambling that is actually very well-funded. They are set up to help Montanans who have gotten off track and into a gambling problem.”

Fox wants folks to know that there is a 24-hour help line that is available to anyone that might need it. That number is (888)-900-9979.

“Montanans like their gambling, but if there is someone out there listening that knows someone that has a gambling problem or they have one themselves, please call the Montana Council on Problem Gambling,” Fox said. “It is all free and it is all confidential. They can certainly guide you in the right direction.”

According to the Montana Department of Justice Gambling Division, the state collects $60 million per year on 16,000 gambling machines throughout the state. A 2012 survey stated that, approximately 17,000 Montana adults allegedly have a gambling disorder. You can get more details and learn how to help be clicking here.

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