When you visit the Missoula Maze out on Clements Road, it genuinely is fun for the entire family. The big maze is challenging for teens and adults, and there's a bunch of fun to be had for those who opt out of getting lost in the maze.

We were a little surprised at the price to get in, just so ya know, it's $8 at the gate, ages 4 to 12 are $5 and kids 3 and under are free. As you enter, there's a concession stand with hot cocoa, a pretty great variety of snacks, and drinks. If you go later in the evening, which you should to see the sunset from the maze tower, you're going to need that hot cocoa.

For the big maze, there are 3 different skill levels of clues, grab the most difficult, makes it more fun. There's a small maze for toddlers as you walk in, a pumpkin patch (50 cents per pound, $1 for minis), some fun photo ops, petting zoo, obstacle course and a playground. After you exit the big maze, there's a life size Foosball game, see the pic below, it's super fun! When the Maze is still open after dark, they go into "night mode" where you don't get any clues and have to make it through on your own in little light.

The Missoula Maze is now open Wednesday through Sunday through Halloween, here's the full schedule. Best way to get there is to take 3rd all the way through the bend and the Maze will be on your left at Mountain View Elementary School.

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