What a great float this is! I didn't realize this stretch of the Clark Fork was so nice to fish. Fall fly fishing is so much fun and learning to streamer fish is a blast.

Thank you to John of the Montana Back Country Hunters and Anglers and Carl of Montana Rescue for taking me out. Both have been guiding on water for a long time so I felt at ease on a stretch of water I have never been on. The guys did know a few holes that someone who has never been on that area would never have known were holding fish.

We all caught fish! Some really nice trout in that stretch. Great thing about streamer fishing is the amount of fish is not the ticket it is the size. Bigger fish eat those small fish or leaches you are imitating. One spot we were on we all three pulled fish out basically one, two, three.. and then Carl actually caught two during that time.

I am addicted to streamer fishing now!

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