Wouldn't it be great if Halloween was always on a Saturday? Especially on years like this one, when it's on a Wednesday and basically inconvenient for everyone.

A group called "Halloween & Costume Association" has started a petition to change Halloween from October 31st, to every last Saturday in October. So it would be a floating date, like Labor Day, which is always the first Monday in September, regardless of the date.

The group cites safety and stress relief as key factors for the movement. I'm all for it. Especially after I saw a guy dressed as a sheriff with a kid dressed as a robber trick or treating midday this past Sunday. I assume the dad has to work on Halloween, and it's sweet that they were getting it done, but permanently moving the holiday to a Saturday just makes so much sense for everybody. OK, maybe not bars, since they can squeeze 3 nights of higher booze sales out of a Monday through Thursday Halloween. But for the rest of us!

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