Do we have bigger issues to deal with right now? Absolutely. Should we still take some time to hold this entitled couple responsible for wrecking up our state? Totally.

According to a petition to the Forest Service at, Sam & Sara Schwerin of Bozeman flew their helicopter into an area of the Bob Marshall Wilderness where federal law prohibits landing a helicopter in a designated wilderness area. The couple reportedly landed the chopper in an area clearly marked "no motorized vehicles," in hopes of doing some fly fishing. The petition states that when the Schwerins were confronted by officials, they said "we're above the water line, you have our tail numbers". Sounds like a classic case of entitled rich people recklessness to me.

On Sunday, May 31st, NBC Montana reported that the couple had released an apology through a public relations firm, saying that they believed they had landed outside the wilderness boundary. The Forest Service says the incident is under investigation.

The petition calls for Sara Schwerin's pilots license to be revoked, along with the couple's fishing licenses. Recommendation of a fine of $1 million for "maintaining and caring for all trails and fishing access in the Bob Marshall Wilderness," and a 60 year ban from visiting or living in Montana. As of this writing, there were about 8,900 signatures collected of a goal toward 10,000.

Photo courtesy of Dulaney Collins on
Photo courtesy of Dulaney Collins on

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