On Friday, we posted on Facebook a simple question: How do you feel when you see an off-leash dog in Missoula? Do you think it's rude? Maybe you don't mind?

It turned into one of our bigger questions in terms of response volume. People were fired up and dropped their opinions in the comments. Let us know what you think, too. What's your opinion on off-leash dogs in Missoula?

Y'all have been very vocal with your opinions on Missoula recently. There were plenty of great responses to "what should go into the Jakers Restaurant in Missoula."

Here are some of the top comments we saw.

Before we get there, here are a couple of cute pictures of dogs, because why not?

Credit: Cristian Castillo (unsplash)
Credit: Cristian Castillo (unsplash)........ I like to think his name is Cooper
Credit: Alvan Nee (Unsplah).... I like to think their names are Roger and Scruffy
Credit: Alvan Nee (Unsplash).... I like to think their names are Roger and Scruffy
Credit: Anna Dudkova (Unsplash).... this guy looks like a Scout
Credit: Anna Dudkova (Unsplash).... this guy looks like a Scout

Ally points out: "There's a big condition missing from this statement - an out of control or under control dog. If a dog is off leash but heeling nicely next to its owner and doesn't invade other peoples' space, no worries. A dog who is approaching others uninvited and/or engaging in dangerous behaviors like running into the street is an issue. Even dogs on leashes who are allowed to drag their owners into other people's business is HIGHLY unappreciated."

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Judy shows some concern: "I think it's very dangerous for the dog. He could see a squirrel or another dog and take off running right in front of a car. Also the owner can get fined."

As does Bernadine: "We were in Southgate Mall and a girl had her dog on leash loose laying under a table right out [by] Scheels Store Two different times the dog jumped out and up in front elderly women scaring them to death! Who is responsible if those dogs bite someone?

Lori thinks it should be mandated: "Need a leash law and have it enforced. Safer for people, and other animals. I sure in the heck don't want to ever hit one with my car. It's irresponsible pet owners."

Jenn is ok with it in certain locations: "If it's on a hiking trail, I'm totally fine because I like dogs off leash all the time on hiking trails (they are also learning boundaries and have done very well with other dogs who are on leash)... If it's in town in a neighborhood, with lots of homes, I don't think Dogs should be off leash."

Jamie likes order: "Unpopular opinion here... if it is posted that a dog should be on a leash then follow directions! This is to include hiking trails, camping areas and neighborhoods. Even a well trained dog at the end of the dog is still a dog."

Heather concurs: "If the signage says dogs must be leased, and people don't, I get irritated."

Brandon isn't too bothered: "I think it's fine as long as they're well trained I don't believe having the collar on the dog all the time is right either when my dogs are at home they never have a collar on and again I'm not afraid of my dogs escaping the yard. They know their boundaries."

Amy says: "Depends on behavior of dog. As long as it leaves me alone, I'm fine with it."

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