It's like Elf On The Shelf has a less talked about sibling - Peep On a Perch.

We joined the Elf on the Shelf craze around our house last Christmas.  And our four-year old really did love it.  I wonder if my wife will fall victim to the Peep On a Perch?

Peep on a Perch is a boxed set containing a book and a plush Easter peep.  The book tells the story of how the Easter Peep helps the Easter Bunny every year.  The peep keeps watch over children and inspires them to behave.  Sound familiar?  Yep, pretty much the same deal as your friendly elf does at Christmas.

So if you need to coerce your kids into helping around the house, brushing their teeth, getting to bed on time, doing chores, using good manners and more.....Peep On a Perch is there to help.

You can order Peep On a perch at Amazon -----> HERE!

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