When I first heard about this great idea, Western Montana was coping with another sub-zero cold snap and spring sounded like it was decades away.

And the backers of the new Mineral County Recreation Club have apparently been thinking along the same lines in recent weeks, as the snow and coldest wouldn't let up this spring/winter. And when it was still snowing on April 3rd, having a paddle board in the middle of the Lower Clark Fork at the end of April still didn't sound like a very good idea.

As it turns out, who could have imagined it would hit 80 degrees this weekend?

But it's all going to work out just fine, as the "Great Montana Paddle Board Sprint" is being postponed to a guaranteed warmer date after all.

The loosely designated "race" is the brainchild of the new club, which has been organizing a flurry of community events in recent months, including lots of skiing to take advantage of the flurries!

"We hope to create sustainable events that bring people into the economy, and provide things for people here to do," explains Drew Hansen, who is among a group of people who've moved back to Mineral County to take advantage of the beautiful setting and the ability to work remotely.

The club has been running a regular ski bus to Lookout Pass through the long winter, bringing people in for the local skatepark, and just last weekend, sponsoring a fundraiser to raise funds for first responders.

Events benefit youth, but also adults

"The sky's kind of the limit for what we'd like to do for recreation," Hansen says. "We all live in Montana because we love our opportunities to be in the environment."

A lot of the effort is aimed at helping people have a great experience, even if they don't have the skills or gear.

The Paddleboard Sprint, which is now being reset for August, will run from the Big Eddy Fishing Access to the bridge in Superior. The plan is for each heat to have 20 people, with the top 2 finishers going on to a final.

Mineral County Rec Club
Mineral County Rec Club

But it's mainly to have a good time with costumes encouraged

"You get a 10-second start if you dress up, with accompanying vendors and music to go along with this event," Hanson promises."

So the new date for the Paddleboard Sprint is set for Saturday, August 19th with the billing "Bigger. Better. Warmer."

If you'd like more information, you can follow the group on the Mineral County Red Club Facebook page.

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