If you or someone you know wants to buy bricks in bulk, the University of Montana has a fun fundraiser going on through October 22.

University of Montana News Services points out that while you can't go back in time, you can own a piece of it – a piece that is now over 100 years old. UM is selling historic bricks from the campus Oval walkways, repurposed from a large-scale reconstruction project this summer that renovated the Oval's walkways to make them smoother to walk on and safer.

Replacement of the timeworn bricks, many of them damaged from years of freeze-thaw cycles that made wheelchair accessibility and foot and bike transportation difficult, concluded this fall with smooth, stamped concrete textured to resemble bricks, honoring UM’s classical aesthetic and original design. About 60,000 to 70,000 of the original bricks were salvaged from the project, and UM Facilities Services plans to re-purpose and reuse them for future campus projects.

The rest are for up for public auction through Oct. 22.  The auction begins at $50 for two half pallets of the 1913 bricks, which includes about 660 individual bricks per auction lot. There are 30 auction lots available to the public. The pallets are ideal for small-scale projects like a patio, fire ring or a garden project.

Because these bricks were originally made for roadways, they are heavier (about 6 pounds) than modern bricks and much more durable. Anyone with either a construction project or fond memory of the original brick walkways is asked to consider making a bid.

You can make your bids and get auction updates on the UM auction site here.

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