My wife (Savannah) and I made a deal on Saturday as long as I get the Christmas lights up, she would go with me to the movie I was excited to see 'Bad Santa 2'. I can tell you right now, she got the better end of this deal.

We got up early on Saturday and got to Target and took advantage of their sale on Christmas decorations. We ended up with enough lights to go all the way around our smaller house in Lolo and also got a little Christmas Moose decoration.

Putting up the lights were a chore! I needed to use both ladders we had in the garage to make sure I didn't mess up putting on the clips or hanging the actual lights. But finally after about 2 hours I was done. The lights were hung and looking good but it was day light so I couldn't see the decorations quite yet.

After going to see the movie I was excited to watch and being disappointed, ugh, they copied the plot from the first movie, we made it home to see the lit up house. Unfortunately for me I didn't realize there was a couple feet of no lights on a strand and it is in the front of our house (look above the garage in the photo above). So the amazing job I thought I had done, wasn't so good after all. After that, I became the Grinch on Saturday night. Now I just laugh at another one of my innocent mistakes.


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