There's always a few different takes on Christmas music. We all have that friend that can listen to it all year long and not blink an eye. Then there's the group of people that figure once we're into November it's alright to start spreading the holiday cheer. And throw in the ones that want to listen to Christmas music on Christmas Eve and Christmas...ONLY! Where do you stand on the subject?

The good news is that if you're ready to put some holly and jolly into your day - we can make that happen. Our Christmas channel is active and it's playing 24/7 Christmas music. You can stream a little or a lot - and you can do it from your computer, your phone, and your KYSS mobile app.

Photo: TSM
Photo: TSM

I do love Christmas music when it's that time of year. But I turned it on for about ten minutes today and realized I'm not quite there yet when it comes to being ready for the sounds of the season. And that's the beauty of it - our 24/7 Christmas station is standing by and ready whenever you decide you're ready.

I love being in stores and hearing all the Christmas music as we get closer to the holiday. And I love being lazy on Christmas, lounging in some pajamas, and having Christmas music on while the kids open presents. But I think where I stand is that my appreciation of Christmas music can't begin until December 1. Thanksgiving has to be behind us before I can start singing along about Santa Claus coming to town.

If you're ready for Christmas music - download our FREE mobile app and you can listen anytime!

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